Top 10 Certified VARA Auditors in Dubai, UAE

VARA is the Authority that supervises, regulates, controls, and oversees all virtual assets activities in the UAE. VARA has set out a wide-ranging regulatory framework. It includes obligatory rulebooks that cover;

  • General operations
  • Compliance
  • Market conduct requirements

Companies face very difficulties in fulfilling all the requirements of VARA. Certified VARA auditors come in the lead position to address all issues faced by the companies. The demand for certified VARA auditors is at its peak as virtual assets gain international attention. In this article, we will see the key responsibilities of some of the top VARA Auditors in Dubai.

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What Are the Required Certifications for VARA Auditors?

To address any kind of VARA requirements, the obligations of certifications you have to confirm while hiring an auditor are;

EducationThe first requirement is Education. It is mandatory to have a degree in finance, accounting, or an interrelated field for Certified VARA Auditors.
Certification ProgramsThe second requirement is certifications. It is important to have a completion of recognized certifications that emphases on virtual assets.
TrainingCertified VARA Auditors are obligated to stay updated with all regulations. it is possible through continuing education and training.
Specialized ExperienceThe next most important requirement is specialized experience in virtual assets. Certified VARA Auditors in Dubai must have some years of experience in this field to classify as top certified VARA auditors.
Regulatory KnowledgeIt is a requirement for Certified VARA Auditors to know both local and international regulations associated with virtual assets.

Here Are the Top 10 Certified VARA Auditors in Dubai, UAE

Certified VARA Auditors offer amazing guidance to businesses so the complications of virtual asset regulation can be addressed easily. Here is the list of the top 10 Certified VARA Auditors in Dubai along with their services;

  1. Farahat & Co
  2. PwC Dubai
  3. KGRN Chartered Accountants
  4. Alya Auditors
  5. NR Doshi and Partners
  6. RSM UAE
  7. EY Dubai
  8. Baker Tilly Dubai
  9. Deloitte Dubai
  10. BDO UAE

Farahat & Co

The top-rated Certified VARA Auditors among all is Farahat & Co. It is well-known for its various comprehensive services such as;

  • Auditing
  • Consulting
  • VAT
  • Virtual assets

They are a prime choice among all Certified VARA Auditors in Dubai. Many clients rely blindly on Farahat & Co. Because they provide detailed and amazing services to compliance and risk management.

PwC Dubai (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

PwC Dubai is a very wide-ranging network. They have in-depth knowledge that places them in the top-rated list. They are also a good option for companies looking for Certified VARA Auditors. Their wide-ranging services cover;

  • Auditing
  • Consulting
  • Virtual assets 
  • Guidance

KGRN Chartered Accountants

KGRN Chartered Accountants also fall on the list of top Certified VARA Auditors in Dubai. It has a prominent status due to its excellence. They provide easy solutions through a profound understanding of the regulatory landscape. This approach makes them one of the best Certified VARA Auditors in Dubai.

Alya Auditors

Alya Auditors is also one of the best Certified VARA Auditors in Dubai. It prioritizes modernization with experience. Their amazing team offers specialized services for virtual asset auditing. They are valued for their proficiency and client-attentive approach.

NR Doshi and Partners

NR Doshi and Partners is one of the best options if you want amazing and relative guidance about virtual assets at any time. They prioritize their customers and address issues rapidly. This is the main reason why they are extremely regarded among Approved VARA Auditors in Dubai. Their team provides consistent supervision for businesses about virtual assets and other services as well.


RSM UAE is a prominent name if you want quality and service compliance. Their skilled team makes all the issues easier to address. This consistency makes them a top choice among the best VARA Auditors in Dubai.

EY Dubai

Ernst & Young Dubai is a part of the global EY network. They offer a wide range of services for virtual asset auditing. Their all-time availability to customers and expertise make them a good choice for the Top Certified VARA Auditors in Dubai.

Baker Tilly Dubai

Baker Tilly Dubai prioritizes client-relation-related services and assurance of compliance. Their proficient team helps to address the anomalies and issues about virtual assets auditing. They are a reliable certified VARA auditor. Baker Tilly Dubai emphases to provide consistent auditing services for virtual assets.                                                                                   

Deloitte Dubai

Deloitte Dubai is a well-known name in the field of brilliance in auditing. Their in-depth and all-inclusive approach to compliance guarantees that their customer finds a good and cost-effective solution for the issues. They are also a top-rated choice among the Best VARA Auditors in Dubai.


BDO UAE ends the list of top Certified VARA Auditors in Dubai. They are very helpful to their clients due to their tailored approach and knowledge of virtual asset regulation. Their services are appreciated for their carefulness and consideration of detail. The amazing and proficient team ranks them as one of the Top and best Certified VARA Auditors in Dubai.


Certified VARA Auditors play a key role by providing services aligned to compliance and transparency. These auditors in the above list ensure that your company fulfills the regulatory standards. Farahat & Co. is one of the top-rated and best-recognized Certified VARA Auditors for their wide-ranging services of virtual asset regulations.


What is a VARA License?

VARA license is a tailor-made Virtual Asset. The regulations of VARA are designed precisely for the provision of permissible activities and services to clients and investors.

How to Get VARA Approval?

To get VARA approval;

  • Fill a VARA Issuance Approval Form Category 2
  • Show the purpose and use of the VA
  • Give info about the nature of the business and activities for which the VA will be used