List of Top 10 Audit Firms in Dubai, UAE (2024)

To comply with auditing regulations in the UAE, many midsize and multinational firms in Dubai rely on professional auditing services. Selecting an audit partner for your company’s public financial documents can still be challenging due to the highly competitive business environment in the UAE. Finding the right Top audit firms in Dubai is crucial to your business’s success. When it comes to saving money, reducing stress, and keeping your finances in order, auditors in Dubai make all the difference. 

Here in this article, we have sorted out a well-researched list of the top audit firms in Dubai. Rest assured that they are all highly qualified, have excellent reputations, and are respected in the worldwide financial community.

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Here Are the Top 10 Audit Firms in Dubai, UAE (2024)

  1. KPMG
  2. Ernst & Young (EY)
  3. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
  4. Deloitte
  5. BDO
  6. Grant Thornton
  7. Farahat & Co
  8. AFD (Audit Firms in Dubai)
  9. Crowe UAE
  10. Baker Tilly


KPMG is a reputable audit firm in Dubai with an impeccable record. Among its top-notch services are auditing, local and international taxation (both local and international), assurance, consultation, and advisory services offered in 155 different countries. Under one roof, you’ll find all the essential services you need. 

Ernst & Young (EY)

Ernst & Young is one of the top audit firms in Dubai. Its four primary service lines are assurance, tax, consulting, and transaction advisory services. Aspect assurance, tax, and advisory have consistently been the most profitable services, with transaction advisory services coming in last. Advisory services have shown the sharpest revenue growth over the past ten years, jumping 180 percent in 2020 from 2010. Globally, EY has offices in more than 150 countries.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

By operating in around 100 countries across the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the auditors in Dubai that helps businesses thrive and add value. Approximately 84% of Fortune 500 organizations and more than 100,000 privately held companies use their services. 

In addition to providing high-quality assurance and tax services, they also provide consulting services. All partners interested in your services and goods will accept your accounts and audited financials due to their reputation, which fosters trust in the banking community.


Deloitte is an auditing and taxation firm with offices in Dubai as well as worldwide, offering reliable auditing, taxation, risk management, and financial advisory services. The company is a top employer of finance experts. Currently, they employ over 225,000 people. Globally, they have audited accounting records for large firms. Having operated in about 100 countries, they have earned a reputation for reliability. 


Having assisted clients in executing business around the world for more than a decade, BDO earns close to $10 billion in revenue from client accounts each year. To meet the challenges their clients might face, they want to provide them with a very adaptable and proactive strategy. With offices on every continent, BDO can assist its clients in conducting international business in 165 countries.

Grant Thornton

Business clients trust GT to provide top-notch tax, auditing, and accounting services. With a wide range of industry experience, the company offers specialized services tailored to the needs of each client.

Farahat & Co

Farahat & Co was established in 1985 in Dubai. It is an active member of LEA GLOBAL, the world’s second-largest international association. This is an audit and accounting firm regulated by the UAE financial authorities. In addition, the company is registered with the UAE courts, prosecution authorities, major banks, free zones, and arbitration centers, as well as with official authorities in the country.


Founded by industry pioneers AFD ‘Audit Firms in Dubai is one of the most prominent auditing service providers in Dubai. The firm was established to leverage Farahat and Co.’s scale of expertise in accounting, auditing, and financial advisory. They are currently operational in 150+ countries with a track record of serving over 30,000 clients.

As an expert service provider, they offer legal accounting, auditing, dispute support, consulting, fraud examining, case management, business setup, payroll management, forensic accounting, human resources, expert witnesses, trademark protection, and employee relocation to clients in many different industries.

Crowe UAE

Crow shines brightly in the prestigious Crow Global family from the United Arab Emirates, which proudly ranks among the top 10 accounting systems worldwide. With more than 750 offices worldwide and a talented team of more than 35,000 partners and employees, Crow Global is a powerhouse in the industry.

Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly Middle East is the go-to professional in the world of professional services, offering assurance, advisory, and consultancy services. Based in Dubai, UAE, a vibrant hotspot, and sailing under the JFC Group banner, they have a comfortable layout of 30 offices scattered across the Middle East and Africa From iconic UAE skyscrapers to the calm shores of the Seychelles we’ve planted our feet firmly.


In conclusion, the accounting environment in Dubai, UAE is complex and dynamic, with a variety of firms providing high-quality services to meet the needs of businesses in the region from leading firms such as KPMG, Ernst & Young (EY), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Deloitte, BDO, Grant Thornton, and the professionals in the market like Farahat & Co exceeds the importance of the top audit firms in Dubai (UAE).