Internal Audit Checklist for Company in 2024 (Dubai, UAE)

We use the internal audit checklist to describe a document prepared when planning for an audit. The documents create a list of activities that company audit specialists should complete as part of the audit.

The vast majority of audit software features standard audit checklist templates that companies in Dubai, UAE, can use for various audits. Senior company audit teams are often the ones who manage this document and are in charge of the overall audit.

Here Is the Internal Audit Checklist for Company in 2024

  • Understanding the Internal Audit Process
  • Decide the Methods of Internal Audits
  • Management Audit to Validate the Strategic Plan of a Company
  • Operations Audit to Measure Performance
  • Finance and Regulatory Audit
  • Process of a Collaborative Effort
  • Follow-up

Understanding the Internal Audit Process

Internal auditors typically choose a department, collect an understanding of internal control processes, carry out fieldwork testing, monitor department staff concerning identified issues,  review the company audit report with senior managers, prepare an official audit report, and follow up with managers and the board of directors as necessary to make sure recommendations are implemented accordingly.

Decide the Method of Internal Audits

The first thing that companies in Dubai, UAE should make is a list of business functions that it thinks are worthy to consider certified internal audit in Dubai. Companies need to audit their management function to ensure their business plans are strategic and sound. Another critical factor to consider is company operations.

This ensures company staff follows processes designed to boost performance. Lastly, company audits help companies protect themselves against fraud. That’s why most internal audit firms conduct periodic audits to ensure compliance continues over time.

Management Audit to Validate the Strategic Plan of a Company

The management audit validates the structure and strategic plan of a company. The company auditors review goals and entities to make sure the company’s framework supports its goals. Also, employees’ goals should be in line with the organization’s goals. The auditors also evaluate charts and make sure employees are accountable to the management for their performance and that management is also accountable.

Operations Audit to Measure Performance

Operation audit evaluates the performance of the vital function of the company. Products on the operational audit checklist featuring assessment of the company on timely delivery of goods/services. Whether the firm has sufficient contracts with its sellers, how it trains its recruits, and how it validates the training is efficient. How the business retains relationships with clients and so on.

Also, the company auditing services measure the efficiency of the entity’s sales employees and regularly update their knowledge of the competitors, the market, the technology, and pertinent to the firm’s operations.

Finance and Regulatory Audit

Internal audit services concentrate on regulatory requirements such as tax filings and corporate governance. The auditor confirms the firm has secured the required permits and licenses to conduct business in the UAE. The specialists also handle the accounts and ensure the record has not been compromised with personal accounts and data. The accounting system has accurate information on source documents.

During a financial audit, the company is audited to ensure that employees’ wages are calculated accurately, fringe benefits are supplied, and taxes and insurance are paid as required.

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Process of a Collaborative Effort

The audit client has the opportunity to take part in each stage of the auditing process, as noted. A solid working relationship between client management and Internal Audit based on clear and continuous communication is crucial to success.

The client-auditor relationship often extends beyond the specific audit. We understand the unique characteristics of your operations after our internal audit services work with management on a project. In this way, we can help you determine whether it would be feasible to make further changes to your operations.


Ensure that all audit recommendations and management corrective action plans are implemented by following up with them. Annually, the president’s executive and audit committees receive a report on corrective action plans that do not appear to be progressing.

Audit opinions are issued at the end of any audit. This report presents the methods, results, and conclusions used for this study. Depending on their audience, it might be necessary to present the client with the full audit binder. It lists all the items included in the binder and their locations in the first section, like a table of contents.


Companies must have a pool of qualified and scalable resources to ensure that Internal Audit functions are effective. This team must be able to assess and provide assurance on the organization’s risks. It’s better not to build a team. Instead, outsource it to one of the top Dubai internal audit firms such as Audit Firms in Dubai UAE.

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